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Here at HIVATIS, we have 3 main objectives. These objectives aren’t easy to achieve, but who said anything in life was easy?

HIV is a is a deadly disease. Almost 40 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS and this number is, unfortunately, growing. The biggest problem is the lack of resources, information and materials available on the subject.

HIVATIS aims to combat this by sharing valuable, informational content around HIV. We do this by sharing first-hand stories from our users, accurate and factual government case studies and well-researched expert articles about the topic. Our goal is to spread information to as many people as possible and to ultimately help improve the quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS.

Our 3 Objectives

1. Spread reliable, accurate information about HIV/AIDS that will help educate other people on the subject.

2. Help those suffering from HIV/AIDS and provide the appropriate recommendations to health-care professionals and experts.

3. Share first-hand, real stories from those suffering from HIV/AIDS to, again, further spread information and awareness. To submit your story (we guarantee full anonymity, please click here).